What we do


We provide a full spectrum service as a manufacturer and reliable supplier with honesty and integrity to our customers, suppliers and staff.

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Our capacity comprises of high speed web offset  printing for high volume jobs, litho printing in B1 and B2 for the highest quality, plus digital, wide format and more. Highest quality repro with the most modern Fuji equipment available.

Finishing a wide range of products with modern and well maintained assets.

Utilising vegetable inks for litho, our printing plates are re-processed by Fuji and re-used by us. Paper waste recycled by UK paper mills and reel cores reprocessed into the carpet industry.

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GDPR compliant data cleansing and sortation, fulfillment services, letters, leaflets, catalogues, postcards, enclosing, hybrid,Royal Mail door drop and more.

Paper wrap, potato starch poly wrap and paper envelopes including the revolutionary new  Biolope® envelope made from recycled delivery boxes

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Printing on a wide range of the very best quality of papers from leading paper mills mainly in Europe and the UK with a keen focus on ecologically meaningful products. 

We take into account sustainability and transport carbon footprint as well as offering innovative and new recycled products including the only paper made using recycled coffee cups.

Swan hold extensive stocks for last minute orders.