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Coated Silk Paper
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Every sheet of recycled paper made from 100% reclaimed paper improves your ecological footprint and makes an important contribution to a more sustainable future. Let’s make a big difference together now

The only medium weight recycled coated paper available today and stocked by Swan.In addition we offer Bio-Print 49-57gsm also fully recycled and Biolope® envelopes and shortly paper wrap with a number of exciting options in white, CMYK, spot colours water based inks etc.

Did you know?


  • Burying wastepaper as landfill releases methane gas, which is 23 times higher and more harmful to the environment than CO2.

  • On average, the production of virgin fibre paper, followed by incineration uses twice as much energy than it takes to produce recycled paper.

  • Recycling reduces CO2 emissions by 20% in comparison with incinerating the paper.

  • Paper fibres can be recycled 4 to 5 times.

  • Manufacturing recycled paper uses 31% less energy than the creation of virgin fibre paper.

  • Producing a tonne of recycled paper takes 35,000 fewer litres of water than producing one tonne of virgin fibre paper.

  • It takes 1.2 tonnes of recycled fibres to produce 1 tonne of recycled paper, but it would take 2.5 tonnes of wood to make 1 tonne of virgin fibre paper.

  • The use of recycled paper is scientifically endorsed by UNEP, WWF and Greenpeace