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We think we are rather good with paper as we love it so much. After all it is the canvas that we print on, it is what makes your campaign or brochure come alive. You design on a computer but when we print on paper you hold it in your hands, its looks different in various lights, it has a feel and smell that makes it REAL! So why not spend some time and consider all the options which will also include what is important for your customers and morally for your business? We love recycled, upcycled and super bulk papers and also we are highly innovative with regard to mailing and paper wrapping with Biolope and Biowrap brands - competitive and the right thing to do in todays world.

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British Winder

We have invested in a paper slitter-rewinder to convert reels 40-200gsm that will enhance our production capability and cost effectiveness.

We are the only UK printing company to do this.

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