Coffee cups.png

Cappuccino Gloss Magazine Paper

Swan Print have now secured a new product of glossy magazine paper that is made with recycled coffee cups!


Cappuccino Gloss is available in 42 through to 57gsm in limited volumes. Perhaps this quality will “blend” in well with your marketing ideas and plans in 2021?


Our Cappuccino Gloss is guaranteed 100% recycled and comes with FSC certification as well. What is there not to like?


We at Swan are committed to a renewable and circular BIO economy. Recycling a paper cup can reduce its life cycle carbon footprint by half. Billions (yes billions) are sourced from fast food restaurants and coffee shops to manufacture Cappuccino Gloss.

A report from the UK’s House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee found that only one in 400 cups end up being recycled, with the vast majority going straight to landfill. This suggests that coffee cups that end up in the UK’s landfill sites produce an annual carbon footprint equivalent to over 152,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, similar to what 33,300 cars produce in a year.